• New members are always welcome - Just call in at our practice on a Monday evening at 7:45pm.

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So you are thinking about joining Donaghadee Male Voice Choir?

Simply complete the form below.  We will then contact you to answer any questions you may have, and to make arrangements for you to come to a practice night. This will enable you to get some insight into what Donaghadee Male Voice Choir is all about.

We practice on Monday nights 7.45 – 10.00 pm at the ‘Robert Wilson Hall’, 12c Warren Road, Donaghadee.

For more information ring Michael Pritchard on (028) 91810609 Mobile 0791712044 or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Donaghadee Male Voice Choir
Some frequently asked questions

1.  Do I have to be a trained singer to join the choir?  No

2.  Do I have to be able to read music?  No

3.  Will I have to do an audition to join?  No

4.  How often, and where does choir practice take place?

Each Monday night from 7:45 to 10:00pm in the Robert Wilson choir hall 12c Warren Road, D’dee

5.  How often does the choir perform?

This varies but usually about once every few months.

6.  Does the choir take part in festivals?

Yes – usually about one per year

7.  What type of music does the choir perform?

The choir sings a wide range of songs from Sacred to popular.

8.  Does the choir go away on tours?

Yes but these are not compulsory – usually one per year. The choir has performed in a number of countries and venues including Carnegie Hall in New York and more recently in France, Spain and Italy. 

9.  Are these tours expensive?

No – they are well-planned and usually subsidised by the choir.

10.  If I decide to join what happens next?

There is a three month probationary period when you can attend practices and learn the music.

11.  What do I do now?

Complete the form below.  If you prefer to ring the secretary, Michael at 028 91 810609 or email the choir at  mail@donaghadeechoir.co.uk

For more information visit us at  www.donaghadeechoir.co.uk or our Facebook pages.


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