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Our History

The origins of how the choir was formed under our first conductor Jim Savage including our first competition – The Larne Musical Festival of 1933.

How the choir endured the war years including several practice venues, changes of conductor and some notable competition successes.

Video History 1968 – 1986

The beginning of the Wilson era saw the resurgence of the choir and enjoyed huge success around the UK and beyond.

Video History 1987 – 1989

Two tours of America where we performed to Georgia’s Secretary of State, took part in the St Patrick’s Day parade and appeared on local TV.

Video History 1990 – 1995

More local and national success including our first participation in the International Choir festival

held in Malta. Our third tour of America saw us perform at a number of notable venues and local radio stations.

Video History 1996 – 1999

Our first tour of Canada followed by success at the Coleraine International Choral Festival in 1999.

Video History 2000 – 2004

Our second tour of Canada, participation in the 14th Malta International Choir Festival and success once again in the New Ross Festival 2004.

Video History 2005 – 2007

Tour 4 of America saw us revisit Georgia and South Carolina followed by a double success in the 2005 New Ross Choral Festival. This period also saw us compete in the 11th International Choir Festival in Athens.

Video History 2008 – 2010

Our conductor Robert Wilson received an MBE for his services to music. We also toured America once again with our most notable performance being held in the world famous Carnegie Hall, New York. We also made an appearance on the BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ programme and performed in Italy at the Verona Amphitheatre.

We were invited by Glasgow Phoenix Choir to celebrate their diamond jubilee by singing in a number of venues in Glasgow. The choir also visited Poland, celebrated its 80th anniversary and performed with the renowned soprano singer Margaret Keys.

Video History 2013

Lady Hermon MP becomes our President. Success at the Navan Choral festival. Hosted the Greeley Chorale from Colorado and returned to Poland to take part in the Krakow International Choral festival.


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