Choir trip to Croatia. We Are Singing Adriatic. 4th International Choral Festival.

April 19, 2018 – April 24, 2018 all-day
We Are Singing

Postojna Cave Big Hall

During the festival, choral concerts are held in the splendorous Big Hall at Postojna Cave. The performances will be continuous so your choir will be singing as part of an international concert on the day you perform. The Big Hall is almost 40m high and can hold 10000 people. The echo is very strong and lasts 6 seconds.

Villa Angiolina

This concert is a caroling-type of opportunity for the choir – it is outdoors, normally without amplification, and must be a cappella. There are several sites that Opatija uses for the outdoor singing including the Villa Angiolina stairs and those in the pedestrian zone in the city center.

2018 and we are on the move again.  This time to take part in another prestigious event, ‘We Are Singing Adriatic‘, in Rovinj, Croatia.  So this means plenty of practice, checking our uniforms etc. as we look forward to another trip.

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